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I had to, sorry.

I had to, sorry.

One silver lining of my longer-than-anticipated recovery: I’m catching up on TV that’s been highly recommended but I never had time to watch.

Example: The Killing. I am done with Season 1 and am now eagerly anticipating the arrival of the DVD for Season 2 to arrive at my local library.

I also may or may not be watching all 3 seasons of Sherlock. Again.

Why I’ve Been Absent (With Bonus PSA)

Tuesday afternoon (3/4) excruciating abdominal pain started. That evening, I dragged my 7 year old son to the ER with me. It turned out to be appendicitis. I’m now rid of the diseased organ (which had ruptured and was leaking yucky stuff into my abdominal cavity), but the recovery has been slow, with complications.

I’ve been out of work since 3/5 and will be returning part-time next week and then full- time the week after.

And now the PSA: if you experience pain across the mid-section of your belly that feels like burning and/or stretching, go to the ER! My symptoms came on very quickly (belly pain at 3 pm Tues., by 9 pm I was in the ER, by 1 am I had a CT and was admitted, and by 2:30 pm Wed I was in surgery).

It’s nearly Winter Olympics time

From the album “Slopes and Fears”:

Oh Shit I Can’t Stop Now
Let Me Slide
Pretend That You’re A Luge
The Skaters Are Skating
Curling Broom (‘oh curling broom, curling broom, sweep it all’)
Sochi Song
Death Spiralling
To the End of the Ski Jump
We Might As Well Be Snowboarders
Luge Is The End
Orange Burning Torch
Better Than This Other Guy
Two Arms To Hold You Above My Head
Bob & Break (about the bobsleigh/bobsled)
Everybody’s Curling
Broken Nose (about hockey)

Hello, Tumblr.

I’ve taken a break from quite a few corners of the Internet to focus on self-care.

Hope you all are well.

Live in Berlin - Encore

I will in fact be going to see this, at a cinema about an hour away, in another state.

QOTD: “Somewhere Only We Know isn’t exactly threatening.” - my shrink

Who is the man I see
Sliding down the chimney?

Oh Christmas Balls, Christmas Balls
Save us all, tell me life is Yule-tiful

Last one for tonight, Strangers!

Last one for tonight, Strangers!

I blame nocturnvalen for this one.

I blame nocturnvalen for this one.

a variation on a theme by nocturnvalen

a variation on a theme by nocturnvalen